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              Information Technology Services

              As the company's main business, the information technology services of Farben are based on industry solutions, covering businesses including IT consulting, requirements development, general design, detailed design, coding, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, software operation and maintenance and so on. Our information technology service series is divided into two sub-products / services, ITO and BPO.

              We provide fast, stable and accurate information technology services to help customers identify personnel needs, quickly match resources, efficient on-site management and staff redeployment.

              Professional Progress Management

              Service Area: Beijing · Shanghai · Guangzhou · Shenzhen · Hangzhou · Wuhan · Chengdu ...

              • Fast, accurate and stable manpower delivery
              • Fast response and personal customization
              • Digital and intelligent capabilities
              • Optimal cost, maximum value
              Information Technology Service Cases
              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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