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              Linkage Upgrade · Explore the Practical Possibilities

              Based on customer business needs and combined with big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, network security, application development and other cutting-edge technologies, Farben has developed and successfully implemented solutions for major industries to create constructive customers, influential and transformative benefits and results, to help customers realize business value, and to seize the opportunity in the unpredictable industry market.

              Strong Attack · Farben RPA Solution Two

              RPA is an intelligent software that can help automate a large number of repetitive and rule-based processes, freeing employee capabilities and noting higher value work.

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              More Than Ten Years of Precipitation, Deepening Business Scenarios and Continuously Creating New Value
              • Communication

                Big data asset management system of an enterprise
                An enterprise's international roaming test
                Development and test of an enterprise's advertising system

              • Internet

                Development and implementation of an enterprise e-commerce platform
                App development and testing for an enterprise
                An enterprise mobile game test

              • Real Estate

                Mobile application development and testing of an enterprise
                Development of a corporate social platform

              • Finance

                Data Map of an Enterprise
                An enterprise's integrated financial management platform
                Big data precision marketing in a corporate credit card center

              • Aviation Logistics

                TC system development and upgrade of an enterprise
                Development of a civil aviation reservation system
                A corporate data beacon

              • High Tech

                Client smart home appliance development of an enterprise
                An enterprise MIS system development outsourcing
                ODM testing and QA of an enterprise

              Industry Solutions

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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