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              Data Management Analysis Solution


              (1) Common Challenges Faced with the Operational Analysis of Enterprise Institutions.

              (2) Increasingly complex data conditions: The data integration environment for Chinese companies is more complex than for foreign companies.

              (3) Increasing business demand: Enterprise demand data analysis continues to grow.

              (4) Quick response to market demand: Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, more timely and fast response reports are required.

              Solving Problems

              Provide business users, analysts, engineers and decision makers with simple and fast big data business analysis services

              • Storage Problem

                Reduce storage space for very large
                data sets

              • solving Issues

                OLAP On Hadoop

                (Cube precalculated)

              • Query Problem

                Provides sub-second analysis capabilities

                (Columnar storage)

              Architecture Design

              Program Value

              (1) Ultra-high performance and strong concurrency, query performance is increased by 60 to 300 times, and horizontal expansion supports high concurrency.

              (2) Seamless integration of BI and visualization tools, supporting seamless integration with enterprise-level business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools.

              (3) Standard SQL, no learning curve, supports standard ANSI SQL.

              (4) Scalable architecture.

              (5) Self-service and business analysis platform enables analysts and users to mass data in a simple and fast manner.

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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