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              E-commerce Website Solution


              (1) Enterprise merchant scale and cross-region characteristics.

              (2) Difficult problems in multi-platform, multi-store, multi-warehouse operation management.

              (3) Optimization of resource allocation costs.

              (4) The stability of user access experience and the security of information storage continue to improve.

              Solving Problems

              Increase and decrease configuration, professional deployment at any time, and improve the overall interests of client companies

              • Multi-channel Access Issues

                App / Applet / PC terminal, etc.

              • System Docking Problem

                ERP, CRM, payment, inventory, etc.

              • Precision Marketing Issues

                Empower users, products, sales

              Architecture Design

              Program Value

              (1) Reduce business operating costs and improve business operation efficiency.

              (2) Increase customer traffic and increase channel exposure.

              (3) Fast product launch and user and content operations.

              (4) Rich O2O ecological chain construction capabilities.

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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