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              Big Data Platform Building Solution


              (1) How to quickly build a unified big data platform for unified monitoring.

              (2) Unified permissions and security management for various types of data on big data platforms.

              (3) Management of various data life cycles of big data platforms.

              (4) Unified management of various configuration files for big data platforms.

              Solving Problems

              Integrate various components for rapid installation, upgrade, and uninstall, unified monitoring and management

              • Component Unified Management

                Various component installation,
                upgrade, uninstall, monitoring, etc.

              • Data Unified Governance

                Rights management, security
                management, life cycle management,

              • Data Analysis Problem

                Data preprocessing and data modeling analysis

              Architecture Design

              Program Value

              (1) Quickly build big data clusters to improve efficiency.

              (2) Unified management and monitoring to reduce labor costs.

              (3) Unified data governance (authority management, security management, life cycle management) to improve data security and system stability.

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