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              Farben's communications experts and consulting teams use big data technologies and mining models to help customers gain insights, develop new business potential, and build new business models through a balanced combination of technologies, solutions and services.

              Our Advantage
              • Capability

                Mature software development capabilities have passed CMMI L5 certification of the US SEI agency

              • International standard

                Business Capability Model Based on International Standards ISO9001, ISO27001 System

              • Carriers and terminals

                Cooperate with major domestic operators and terminal manufacturers and provide solution services

              • Communication field

                More than ten years of customer service

              Service Provided
              Service Instance
              Powering A Digital Transformation Project for A Communications Giant

              Relying on the accumulation of years of serving head enterprises in various industries, Farben has gradually combined cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other technologies with the company's software technology and industry solution services under the guidance of the keen business sense and business actions of the leadership to help customers make the most of the power of digital technology, and assists customers in a stable and efficient transformation and upgrade.

              The project has complex business data, a large number of users, and high requirements on technology and information systems. Through the establishment of internal and external data platforms, it can help companies provide data analysis before business decisions from various dimensions, and realize the re-division of labor between humans and machines. New value creation points bring business model innovation and change.

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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