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              The transportation service team of Faben integrates multi-party resources, provides integrated solutions of software, hard, cloud, and service thinking to help customers achieve integrated supply chain management and achieve business success.

              Our Advantage
              • Presentation of Big Data Analysis Decisions Close to the Business

                Presentation of Big Data Analysis Decisions Close to the Business

              • End-to-end test guarantee

                End-to-end test guarantee

              • CMMIL5

                CMMIL5 mature development model

              Service Provided
              Service Instance
              Farben New Retail Solution Project

              The new retail project of Faben is based on the Internet of Things platform, digital marketing and big data central platform. At the same time, it combines AI visual technology and video cloud technology to complete a "non-sense payment" unmanned shopping comprehensive solution. Relying on the technological breakthrough of "unmanned shopping", this project has led to the transformation of service and charging models in the traditional software outsourcing industry. At the same time, the project also creatively introduces the concept of Internet services, transforming the software customization industry to deliver software to a delivery service model, and highly achieving the trilateral win-win goal with C-side users and B-side merchants.

              The core content of the project includes face recognition payment, product AI recognition, live video shopping guide and multimedia advertisement push. Through face recognition technology, consumers can quickly recognize facial features and identity verification, and complete the "brush into the store to enter and leave the store"; secondly, through product AI recognition, automatically identify the goods purchased by consumers, and automatically settle payment to achieve "no sense "Payment", in addition, through the advertising push service, push advertising content to the display screen of shopping terminals, and also directly communicate with merchants when consumers need it. At the same time, image ads and video ads brought by multimedia make it An advertising site.

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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