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              Real Estate

              Focusing on the core needs of each operation module of the clients, the Farben provides a new form of integrated real estate industry application solutions and services based on the product + service model, and helps customers realize business development and breakthroughs.

              Our Advantage
              • Iterable business

                Agile and iterable business implementation business model

              • Data Analysis Services

                Rich data analysis service application experience

              • Mature development model

                Mature development model

              Service Provided
              Service Instance
              Farben Property Management Solution Project

              The Farben Property Management Solution provides customers with convenient and fast information query functions, custom charging items and calculation methods, flexible itemized payment, split payment functions, rich statistical reports, and custom reports to satisfy the functions of property management, and deeply solves the problems of traditional property service management, and helps property enterprises to fully implement mobile operations.

              Property management solutions play a vital role in actual property management, not only bringing high efficiency and new models to property management companies, but also bringing great convenience to property managers and owners, making community life more harmonious and colorful.

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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