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              Aviation & Logistics

              The aviation logistics service team of Farben integrates multiple resources, and provides integrated solutions of software, hardware, cloud, and service thinking to help customers realize integrated supply chain management, improve the overall efficiency of the aviation logistics industry, and realize further innovation of business models.

              Our Advantage
              • Advantage decision close

                Presentation of Big Data Analysis Decisions Close to the Business

              • Advantages throughout the process guarantee

                End-to-end test guarantee

              • CMMIL5

                CMMIL5 mature development model

              Service Provided
              Service Instance
              Helping An Aviation Customer Service Project

              Through the full barcode management of warehouse locations, operating units, operating documents, and instructions, the Farben Aviation Logistics Service Project realizes the unified synchronization of physical logistics, document flow, and data flow, more accurate inventory, and item tracking; and makes seamless integration with TMS Cloud and order inventory visualization a reality; and it can be prepared in advance according to transportation arrangements, alleviate warehouse pressure, and improve delivery timeliness.

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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