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              Under the wave of software-defined automobiles, after 5 years of exploration and precipitation, Farben entered the automotive industry strongly in 2019, providing rich software information services and customization for upstream and downstream partners such as automakers, Tier1, Internet of Vehicles, and travel companies. Solution, become an empowering expert in the SDV era.

              Our Advantage
              • Capability

                Mature software development capabilities have passed CMMI L5

              • Industry insight

                Senior experts from Tesla, BBA, Huawei, Tencent, Qualcomm, Intel, etc

              • Platform support

                Unique software outsourcing business support platform

              • Human resources

                Constantly increase / update IT talent pool

              Service Provided
              Service Instance
              Farben helps a new energy vehicle enterprise to improve its intelligent networking capability

              Farben provides vehicle control system CAN bus module, communication module and other project development for a new Internet car manufacturer, so as to help customers realize face recognition and emotion recognition functions, so that the system can automatically adjust to different users and different states Seats, music, ambient lights, air conditioning, etc., greatly enhance the user's driving experience.

              Through the in-depth software cooperation between the two parties, the customer's overall vehicle interactive intelligent R&D efficiency has been greatly improved, project R&D costs have been saved, and the time to market for new models has been accelerated.

              Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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